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Content expert – A content expert is someone who has experience working in the content area and have done translation in that content area. For example, if the translation is for medical information, then the content expert reviewer can be a health educator, nurse, or physician. If the content is in finance and banking, then someone with working knowledge of the financial world will be reviewing the content. If the content is in marketing, then someone who has worked in the marketing field will do the review.
Cultural adaptation – Depending on the nature of the document, the content expert will be able to advise clients of the need for cultural adaptation. The clients will be given enough information to make an informed decision as to whether the content needs extensive cultural adaptation, which usually involve content experts to rewrite the document. Fees for this service will be independently assessed and clearly communicated to the clients.
Customer/Consumer reader – Clients or a consumer-type third party reviewer who have knowledge of the language will review for readability, grammar, and fluency.


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